Quality Certificate
Quality Certificate

ISO 9001 QMS (Quality Management System) is an internationally recognized quality management system standard.


ISO 9001, more than one million worldwide results in quality management certification has become a global benchmark for systems.


ISO 9001

Perla Prıvate Dental Clinic has in 2013 receıved ISO 9001 certificate. According to employees; All procedures, instructions and other documents in the system can be reach out and follow by the revision.

Internal customers (employees), external customers (patients and patient relatives) related complaints, suggestions and thanks through a system of shared and wishes is evaluated.

Patient satisfaction surveys can be filled through the system.


CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action¬) threads through the system can be carried out.

Internal and external audits are done on the system and reported.


Infection Control What is it?

Perla Prıvate Dental Health clinic, adhering to basic and quality data, in accordance with the quality management system; sterilisation, disinfection and the infection issues are worked after scientific developments .

One of the most common ways of transmission of infectious diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS is transmitted through blood , bodily fluids and also can be transmitted during dental treatments.

With awareness of the importance of this subject, Perla Clınıc have a high attention to infection control.


All materials and tools used during the treatments on our patients are sterile, we are usıng physical or chemical process that destroys all microorganisms, including spores.

Our clinic have a central instrument processing area.


Workıng methods made in this area are as follows;

Pre¬cleaning of the used dental instruments is carried out in the dirty area and puts first in an ultrasonic bath (cleaning special crystals through and appliances by vibration at a certain temperature inside), washed and then placed in a washing machine.


in a clean area the dental instrument is packaged in special packaging bags and placed in a autoklave. Steam under pressure in an autoclave is the method of the sterilisation of all dental instruments .

Any devices or instruments that is used on patient is goıng through this process.


Handpıeces and cavitrons changes after every patients.


Quality Certificate Quality Certificate Quality Certificate





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